Ballistic Brainwave

Robin Williams once said, “No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world”. This is exactly what Amna Shah, a female entrepreneur working in the States, achieved with her revolutionary idea called I-Card.

Hailing from a conservative family in Pakistan Amna Shah received her primary education from Pakistan and went for her Bachelors and Masters to the States. After specializing in finance she became the first Pakistani female to become the CFO of SBS worldwide at the young age of 24. YouthSpeak GIKI recognizes Amna for her creativity and working towards SDG#8 Decent Works and Economic Growth and SDG#9 Industry Innovation.


Amna’s revolutionary idea was fostered in the most humble of beginnings. On a flight she realized that she required a business card that she unfortunately left on her desk at home. Her online search to find that person was in vain. This is when an epiphany struck her, to exchange professional contact information there was no other medium but paper business cards. This led to the creation of a mobile application that functions as the ultimate Electronic-business card. This app generates a QR code of your contact details which can be scanned and shared with other people. It’s environmentally friendly and hassle free.

You can download her app from here:

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